Lauren’s Patient Story

Lauren's weight loss transformation Before
Lauren's weight loss transformation After

I had a gastric bypass with Dr. Scarborough in February 2022. It’s now six months later, and my whole life has improved. I am 125 lbs down, and food doesn’t rule my life. I have been on one diet after another since 11- it’s exhausting. Gastric bypass made it, so I’m not constantly worried about my next meal, thinking about what goodie I can try, or soothing my emotions with food. I eat when I’m hungry and care more about eating foods that make me feel good rather than what tastes best. I can move more quickly. I am no longer worried that if I book a plane ticket, I’ll have issues fitting in the seat or navigating an airport, so I get my favorite hobby of travel back again. I now look forward to getting out of the house instead of dreading it. I can get down on the ground, play with my nieces and nephews, and not struggle to get up. Every day I’m finding new things that are now easy for me. I feel like surgery gave me my life back but also gave me myself back.

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I am 125 lbs down, and food doesn’t rule my life.

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