Post-Surgery IV Therapy In Houston

After surgery, the body is often nutrient-depleted and can benefit from post-surgery IV therapy to boost nutrients and hydration. Increased hydration and custom cocktails of critical nutrients has been shown to improve blood flow and promote faster healing.

What Is Post-Surgery IV Therapy?

High doses of minerals such as zinc are critical for successful wound healing. That’s because zinc is required for collagen biosynthesis and collagen provides integrity and structural support to the skin. While supplements containing zinc may help, they often don’t provide the concentration of nutrients needed after surgery.

Benefits of Post-Surgery IV Therapy

Post-surgery drip IV therapy includes Vita-Complex of B1, B3, B2, B5, B6 and Mineral Blend of magnesium chloride, zinc sulfate, maganese sulfate, copper gluconate, sodium selenite, and ondansteron, and is the quickest and easiest way to inject high concentrations of these healing vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. Post-surgery IV therapy benefits include:

  • • Increased hydration
  • • Immune support
  • • Improved wound healing
  • • Faster, more comfortable recovery

Post-Surgery IV Therapy Options at TLC Medical Spa in Houston

We’re proud to offer a range of custom post-surgery IV infusions, including:

Post-Surgery Drip

This drip can counteract anesthesia-related nausea and restore critical minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes.

Odansetron (Zofran)
Mineral Blend

Time: 60 minutes
Price: $200

NAD Drip

NAD has been shown to accelerate cell regeneration and can promote healing.


Time: 240 minutes
Price: $475

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