Jun 23

FloraVantage Control – Probiotic

Category: Weight Loss Articles

Weight loss is a multi-faceted approach. Along with proper nutrition and daily physical activity, new findings show that modifying the bacteria in our gut may improve weight loss outcomes, specifically with the strain Bifidobacterium lactis (B-420)...

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Woman stepping on a scale
Dec 28

Is Weight Loss Surgery the Easy Way Out?

Category: Weight Loss Articles

Obesity is a disease that receives a great deal of stigma in our society, and people can be quick to judge weight loss surgery. Perhaps you have heard that having weight loss surgery is an “easy...

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Couple cooking a healthy meal together
Oct 27

Recognizing Emotional Hunger and Fullness

Category: Healthy Eating Tips

One of the primary ways that weight loss surgery is successful is in helping to regulate our physical hunger and fullness. However, physical hunger is only one of the reasons that we eat. We also seek...

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Jul 25

Study: Bariatric Surgery May Improve Cognitive Function, Including Memory

Category: Weight Loss Articles

Massive weight loss surgery is known to decrease a person’s risk of heart disease, stroke and other diseases and conditions. A recent study has found the benefits may also include improvements in cognitive function, such as...

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Effects of Obesity on Pregnancy and Fertility
Jun 18

Obesity, Pregnancy and Weight Loss Surgery

Category: Weight Loss Articles

There is a worrisome connection between excessive body weight and pregnancy. Many overweight women find it hard to conceive. Others become pregnant but develop serious health problems, and may pass health problems on to their babies....

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Weight Loss Surgery Curb Asthma
May 22

Can Weight Loss Surgery Curb Asthma?

Category: Weight Loss Articles

According to the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, asthma affects nearly 25 million people in the United States. Individuals that are obese are at a heightened risk of developing asthma, a chronic condition in...

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