Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloons are effective weight loss tools that help people lose weight and encourage better dietary habits.¹ The procedure is nonsurgical and minimally invasive, requiring little to no downtime. Gastric balloons help kickstart long term weight loss and have been shown to help patients lose up to 3x more weight than diet and exercise alone.¹

What Are Gastric Balloons?

Gastric Balloons are soft silicone balloons that are swallowed, or inserted into the stomach endoscopically, while deflated. They are then inflated with sterile saline solution to fill up space in the stomach and help patients feel full when eating less. The gastric balloon is designed to help patients control their appetite. Developed as a nonsurgical alternative to traditional weight loss procedures, gastric balloons help patients kickstart weight loss while developing healthier habits..

Orbera® Gastric Balloon

ORBERA® Gastric Balloon is a single balloon managed weight loss system that is effective in treating patients who are moderately overweight. The ORBERA® balloon, along with support from the health care professionals at TLC, can help patients achieve long term weight loss success. Inserted endoscopically in a minimally invasive procedure, it is a nonsurgical option for those looking to lose up to 40lbs.* Learn how ORBERA® can help achieve optimal health and wellness in this video.

Orbera Gastric Balloon

Learn about the Orbera Gastric Balloon for patients looking to kick start their weight loss.

apostrophe icon After speaking with the TLC Surgery team I decided that the gastric balloon system was right for me. I met my goal weight of 160 lbs after 6 months!"
Ida, TLC Patient

Patients Traveling to Houston for Gastric Balloon

Telehealth consultations, online classes, and virtual support are available to all patients, including those traveling to Houston to begin their weight loss journey. The TLC team is committed to providing top-quality care to both local and out-of-state patients that would like to partner with us.

To ensure that the process is comfortable and smooth, we’ve collected information on where to stay and what the recovery process will be like during your visit to Houston. If you have any questions or concerns about travel information, please contact us.

Balloon Financing Options

Excess weight has been shown to cause increased spending on food, clothing and healthcare costs. While gastric balloon is not usually covered by insurance, we partner with a variety of medical financing lenders that specialize in competitive interest rates and fast approvals. An inclusive self-pay package can be financed for as low as $191 per month*.

*Estimated payment for qualified patients

Self Pay Package

Monthly Payments As Low As


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*Estimated monthly payment for those who qualify. Pricing is subject to change.

Post-Op Gastric Baloon Diet

Follow this post-op diet progression after each balloon insertion:
Day 1: Clear liquids
Choose products with <50calories, <10g sugar per 8oz serving

  • Water with lemon, Crystal Light, G2/GZero, Proper, MiO
  • Decaf tea/coffee, herbal tea with sugar substitute
  • Sugar free gelatin/ice pops
  • Broth (store bought, homemade)
  • Avoid: any carbonated beverages, fruit/vegetable juice, soup

Day 2: Thick Liquids and Pureed foods

  • +40-60 grams of protein from 1-3 Protein Supplements (Ready to Drink, or protein shakes made with protein powder and water/low fat milk/unsweetened nut milk)
  • Smooth (strained) and thick, low fat soups (no rice/noodles, meats, vegetable pieces)
  • Smooth, low fat, low sugar Greek yogurt
  • Smooth, sugar free pudding
  • Protein foods: Mashed scrambled eggs, mashed white fish/tuna, finely minced ground turkey, cottage cheese
  • High fiber foods: Mashed beans, mashed fruits (bananas, raspberries, pears, etc), mashed vegetables (carrots, peas, cauliflower, avocado, etc.)
  • Plain, instant hot cereals

Day 3 and beyond: Maintenance Diet

  • +48-64oz clear liquids
  • +60-80 grams of protein from 1 – 3 servings of Protein Supplements (Ready to Drink, or protein shakes made with protein powder and water/low fat milk/unsweetened nut milk)
  • Protein foods: chopped meats, eggs, low fat cheese, deli meats
  • High fiber foods: beans, chopped and shredded raw/cooked vegetables, chopped fruits with skin-on, high fiber crackers/breakfast cereals

Am I a Candidate for a Gastric Balloon?

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Ideal Candidates for Gastric Balloons are:

    • Age 18 – 60
    • 20 – 40 lbs overweight
    • Fall into Class 1 Obesity designation
    • No previous stomach surgery


  • Committed to making healthy lifestyle changes


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¹ World Journal of Gastroenterology 2016 Jun 28; 22(24): 5495–5504
*Individual Results May Vary

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