TLC Support Program

A post-operation wellness program for our weight-loss patients.


Change isn’t always easy, but it is essential to succeed after weight loss surgery. You make the commitment to change, we make the commitment to help you succeed.

TLC Support Program $750

  • Nutrition Class: First Bite (30 min)
  • 3 Mentoring Sessions with a licensed counselor
    (30 min)
  • 5 Monthly Private Nutrition Sessions (30 – 60 min)

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Post Op Nutrition Session

5 Monthly Private Nutritional Sessions (30 – 60 min)
At each private session you will:

  • Review your food diary and current behaviors
  • Educate on specific topic
  • Answer questions
  • Assist with creating goals for following month

2 Months Out (60 minutes)

Supplements. Hydration. Exercise – It Matters!

  • Review current supplemental and nutrient intake
  • Discuss individualized exercise recommendations
  • Set personal short term and long term goals
  • 1 week healthy meal plan

3 Months Out (30 minutes)

Meal Planning and Prepping

  • How to meal prep in advance – quick, healthy, and budget-friendly meal ideas
  • Best Recipe resources
  • 1 week meal plan

4 Months Out (30 minutes)

Grocery Shopping for Weight Loss Success

  • Simple tips for a quick and budget-friendly trip
  • Avoiding marketing traps and supermarket distractions
  • Reading the nutrition label

5 Months Out (60 minutes)

The Importance of a Plan… and a Back Up Plan

  • Last minute meal ideas and meal prep companies
  • Significance of exercise and sleep
  • Reevaluate personal short term and long term goals

6 Months Out (30 minutes)

Getting over the Plateau

  • Healthy behaviors for long term success
  • Exercises and macronutrient tweaks to boost weight loss
  • 1 week healthy meal plan

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