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Nicole’s Patient Story

Nicole’s Patient Diary – Part 1

Meet Nicole, a patient of board-certified bariatric surgeon: Dr. Terry Scarborough at Texas Laparoscopic Consultants, a partner of Nobilis Health, in Houston, Texas. In this video, Nicole prepares for her laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery to be conducted the next day and shares her reasons for deciding to undergo the surgery with us.*


Nicole’s Patient Diary – Part 2

In this segment, Nicole is being prepared for the OR by Dr. Terry Scarborough and also says her goodbyes to family and friends as she is about to start her weight loss journey.*


Nicole’s Patient Diary – Part 3

In this video, Nicole talks about having gastric sleeve surgery 5 days prior, administered by board-certified bariatric surgeon: Dr. Terry Scarborough. Nicole shares her thoughts on how she is feeling so far and talks about not having any regrets.*


Nicole’s Patient Story – Part 4

Nicole is 9 days removed from her gastric sleeve weight loss operation and steps on the scale for the first time. She has already lost 16 pounds since the surgery is excited to see results already.*


Nicole’s Patient Story – Part 5

Nicole is 1 month Post-Op from her gastric sleeve surgery and has lost 40 lbs. She feels great and her constant headaches before having surgery have now vanished. She is very happy about her decision and ecstatic with the results thus far. She is on well on her way towards living a more active, healthy lifestyle.*


Nicole’s Patient Story – Part 6

Nicole is 2 years Post-Op from her gastric sleeve surgery and has lost 85lbs and counting.*

*Result will vary

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