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LaTasha's weight loss transformation Before
Latasha's weight loss transformation After

Being overweight all of my adult life was a struggle. I had tried so many different diets and would do okay with them but could never keep the weight off. In 2011 I joined WW weighing 350 pounds and lost 123 pounds in a year and a half. Life happened, and I lost focus, fell off, and gained every pound back plus 14 pounds. It didn't become a concern until I started to have health problems. My childhood asthma became problematic again. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had to be placed on medication. I was at my heaviest weight ever of 364 pounds. My doctor stated that I was on the verge of having many more issues If I didn't make changes and lose weight. I didn't want to be on medication for the remainder of my life. I listened and began to make changes and did better on my own. However, I still couldn't keep the weight off. In 2020, I began researching WL surgery and decided to reach out to a co-worker who had surgery and did amazing on her journey. She recommended TLC and Dr. Scarborough. I reached out to TLC, started the process to what was the beginning of my AMAZING journey!!! I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery on 9/08/2020. My pre-op weight was 364, my day of surgery was 336, my current weight is 225. I have lost a total of 139 pounds!!! This was the BEST decision of my life!!! Here I am at 45 years old, feeling better than I have EVER felt!! I wish I had done it sooner!!!! I no longer have blood pressure issues and was taken off the medication 2 months after surgery. I can not tell you the last time I used my inhaler (I don't even know where it is) or had to take breathing treatments! The simple daily life tasks that had become a huge struggle are now easy again. I have not reached my goal YET... but I am so close and well on my way!!! I will FOREVER be grateful for my tool and thankful to Dr. Scarborough and TLC!!! To anyone who has or is struggling with obesity, please know that there is help out there, and WL surgery could be the added tool that will help you live a BETTER and HEALTHIER life!

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I wish I had done it sooner!!!! I no longer have blood pressure issues and was taken off the medication 2 months after surgery.

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Gastric Sleeve
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139 pounds
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